Service Manager | Add-On Products

The Service Manager Add-On products expand the functionality of Service Manager. Add-On products are licensed separately.

The following Add-On products are available for Service Manager:

Employee Packs

Service Manager's licensing mechanism is based of the number of Employees that are being tracked. For example: if you have two (2) administrative staff and five (5) technicians in the field, you would typically only require five (5) employee licenses. Additional Employee license packs can be purchased at any time allowing convenient scaling of the system at a time suitable to your needs and timing.

Advanced Scheduling

Advanced Scheduling is effectively a powerful scheduling tool very much calendar based for the most demanding scheduling operational requirements:
3 pivot views - Outlook Calender, Job List and Timeline.
Fully integrated to back-end accounting and job system.
Live integration with field technicians.
Monitor onsite time recording.
Updating mobile phones or tablets is as simple as drawing an appointment.
Maps, routing, alerts, email and sync to Outlook.
Colour appointments by status, priority, zone, job type, service centre, and more
Quickly create a new job whilst logging a call.
Find a free tech by time available, skill, work group, or utilization capacity
Unlimited custom queries.
Print work orders, schedules, routes and maps plus many more features not listed

Field Portal
Online or offline mobile capabilities for your field engineers and remote staff!
Device independent, browser based for online use or App based for offline use - protecting your investment - Supports any current Apple, Android, or Windows phone or tablet device.
Job details, status, priority, notations.
Upload/download files, photos.
Manage equipment, parts, labor, travel, PO Reqs., notes, tasks, faults, history.
Record labor and travel time.
Sign-off signatures.
Print invoices.
Maps, routes and auto phone dial functions.
Touch-driven for ease-of-use.
Security authentication.

Employee Web Portal (with SageCRM integration)

The Service Manager Employee Web Portal allows “your” employees to access your accounting and management systems online using a web browser. This saves time, is convenient, and in some situations reduces the cost of expensive licensing fees. Most importantly, access to your data can be from anywhere in the world, day or night.

Engineers/technicians, as well as general staff can log in to view their existing jobs. Those jobs can then be modified by adding labor and parts, notations, equipment and other details. Create new jobs online and assign employees to those jobs. Quotes can also be created and a quote can then be promoted to a job if approved.

Customer Web Portal: Open 24/7!

Put customers in the driver’s seat with 24/7 self-service access to your business. Customers can log and monitor job requests anywhere, anytime. All that is required is a web browser and Internet connection.

This speeds up response times providing better customer satisfaction and as an added benefit, business overheads and costs are reduced as less time is spent on telephones logging information or answering questions.

Customers can log new job requests, view the status of existing jobs, check their site and equipment details including billing history, purchase details, total cost of ownership, agreement/contract information, preventative maintenance schedules, and job related tasks and activities. Customers can even see and pay their invoices. Equipment, model and site searches are also readily available.

Advanced Maintenance

Click to enlargeThe Advanced Maintenance Add-On enhances the existing Service Manager Maintenance functions and is particularly useful for facility management such as in hospitals, hotels, refineries, or in industries such as HVAC or vehicle management (to mention only a few), where equipment or plant maintenance is required.

Click to enlargeAdvanced Maintenance includes a full Task and Activity based maintenance program. Maintenance can be set up at Site and/or Equipment level. Maintenance can also be set up at Model level and then published to all equipment of that model type making deployment and updating of maintenance very easy to manage.


Purchasing Integration

The Service Manager Purchase Orders Add-On enables direct integration of Service Manager with the Sage 300 Purchase Orders module. It allows you to generate Purchase Order Requisitions or Purchase Orders directly from within Service Manager Jobs or from the Service Manager desktop. With the integration to Pacific "PO Workflow" module, you are then able to action PO authorization process based on a Purchase Order "Request"

Serialized Inventory

The Service Manager Serialized Inventory Add-On adds to Service Manager’s existing serialization functionality. It enables direct integration of Service Manager with the Sage 300 Serialized Inventory module.

Serialize items at the point of receipting goods into stock, then at the point of sale in Service Manager select from a table of previously receipted serial numbers.

Service Centers

The Service Center Add-On module provides functionality to create multiple Service Centers within a Service Manager database in order to cater for external branch or internal division or department requirements.

Branches or departments can have their own document numbering system for all document types including jobs, quotes, invoices, etc., and employees can be limited to certain branches so they only have access to that branch's details. Sage 300 security is active on these functions and separate Day Ends can be run by Service Center.

Users at one branch for example may be unaware of the other branch's activities yet all accounting is consolidated in one database.

Service Centers can be used internally for divisional or departmental purposes as stated, and include the ability to override  GL Segment Codes as applicable in order to accommodate this function.

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