Service Manager | Product Showcase

Customer Web Portal (1 Feb 2017)

24/7 customer self-service—anywhere, any time!

Preventative Maintenance (1 Feb 2017)

Service Manager, our flagship product, provides an optional full task and activity based preventative maintenance system, allowing you to plan a full year's maintenance program in advance.

Purchase Orders Integration (1 Feb 2017)

To integrate to Sage 300  Purchase Orders (PO), the Service Manager Purchase Orders Add-On is required.

Response Tracking (1 Feb 2017)

Response tracking is provided at various levels.

Employee Web Portal with SageCRM Integration (1 Feb 2017)

The Service Manager Employee Web Portal Add-On (with SageCRM integration) makes Service Manager features available directly from inside SageCRM. This provides access to all company data at any time via the common CRM Web based desktop. That means service staff and sales staff have all relevant information about a client at their fingertips.

Serialized Inventory Integration (1 Feb 2017)

To integrate to Sage 300 Serialized Inventory (SN), the Service Manager Serialized Inventory Add-On is required.

Service Centers (1 Feb 2017)

The Service Center Add-On provides functionality to create multiple Service Centers within a Service Manager database in order to cater for external branch or internal division or department requirements.

Field Solutions (1 Feb 2017)

Technisoft Field Portal is a user friendly mobile software application that fully integrates with Sage 300 and Service Manager®. It’s device independent and runs via the browser to enhance communication between the field and mission control.

Warranty and Return Authorizations (1 Feb 2017)

Create Return Authorizations for customers or manufacturers/vendors that include material requests, shipping information, vendor information, fault information, equipment details, advance rotation, notations, and more.

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