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Customer Web Portal

1 Feb 2017

24/7 customer self-service—anywhere, any time!

Service Manager Customer Portal: Open 24/7!

  • Customers enter job requests by logging onto your site, rather than calling or e-mailing you
  • A customer-centric focus provides increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Improved transparency and accountability improve your customer relationship
  • Increased profits as your business overheads and costs are reduced
  • Peace of mind with secure login access under your control
 Service Manager Customer Portal: Open 24/7!

Put customers in the driver’s seat with 24/7 self-service access to your business– Customers can log and monitor job requests anywhere, anytime. All that is required is a web browser and Internet connection.

Let your customers do the work, saving you time and money– Customer self-service speeds up response times providing better customer satisfaction and as an added benefit, business overheads and costs are reduced as less time is spent on telephones logging information or answering questions.

Customers can log new job requests, view the status of existing jobs, check their site and equipment details including billing history, purchase details, total cost of ownership, agreement/contract information, preventative maintenance schedules, and job related tasks and activities. Equipment, model and site searches are also readily available.

Secure login access– Provide your customers with a link to a secure login page to your Customer Portal. Customers log in to your Customer Portal and then create and monitor requests and access related information.

Communication is the key– An email notification will be sent automatically to the service company when a request is created in the Customer Portal. Support staff can process the request and post it to a Service Manager job, or take other action, as required. Full chat functions are available, auto generating email alerts with each conversation.

Request management– Manage Requests with Request Manager—a desktop Service Manager application designed specifically for a call center environment. With Request Manager, support staff can post requests to Service Manager jobs and manage both requests and associated jobs easily from a central point. Requests can be entered directly into the Request Manager or they can be sourced from the Customer Portal.

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