Employee Web Portal with SageCRM Integration | Service Manager

Employee Web Portal with SageCRM Integration

1 Feb 2017

The Service Manager Employee Web Portal Add-On (with SageCRM integration) makes Service Manager features available directly from inside SageCRM. This provides access to all company data at any time via the common CRM Web based desktop. That means service staff and sales staff have all relevant information about a client at their fingertips.

Key features include:

  • Workflow enabled for opportunities and cases
  • Search by company
  • Convert opportunities to quotes
  • Adds items from quotes to opportunity items
  • Updates pipeline
  • Convert cases to jobs
  • Add / modify existing jobs
  • Add new equipment
  • Process and print invoices
  • Print work orders/job cards
  • My CRM including Jobs open view
  • Site and Equipment Folios (including history, warranty, custom fields, notes, etc.)
  • Uses CRM desktop standards - recent views, navigation.

Technisoft also has a Web solution for Service Manager that functions independently of SageCRM for those users who do not have SageCRM installed. The Service Manager Web solution includes most of the features above.

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