HVAC & Refrigeration

Reasons for it aside, climate change appears to be a reality that is causing weather and temperature records to be broken all over the world. The extremes in temperature on record are getting larger every year, and the demands on HVAC organizations are growing correspondingly in many economies.

Combined with the seasonality of busy periods in general, plus the demand for smart HVAC technology, and with legislative requirements to reduce carbon emissions, this has left many HVAC companies overwhelmed with the number of potential customers and projects that they need to manage simultaneously; and on top of all of this, problems with labor and skills shortages in the entire construction and servicing workforce is another obstacle that HVAC companies need to navigate.

So how can HVAC organizations manage not only normal servicing jobs but also burgeoning new sales, installations, and upgrades? How can they effectively manage their technicians to reduce the need for supervision as well as give them access to all the information and equipment servicing history they need to make them more effective in an already busy work schedule? Well, that’s where the combination of Sage 300 and Technisoft Service Manager comes in.

You want to make sure that your technicians can work as efficiently as possible and have access to all the data they need, right there and then during the activity at hand, and the Technisoft Field Portal module has the features and integration options exactly for this purpose. With so many different models of air conditioning units on the market, and with each model regularly having its own very unique requirements, it's important that technicians can bring up plans, manuals, and servicing history on demand, quickly and easily both in the field as well as in the workshop.

Also, using Service Manager’s expandable faults knowledgebase and tasks sub-system, you can make sure that all work is performed in a structured fashion and time is not wasted looking for solutions that may already have been discovered in the past on other jobs.

Of course, there is a myriad of other features that Service Manager also provides, and you can rest assured that with Sage 300 and Service Manager you should always be able to keep your customers cool whenever they get hot under the collar!