Overview Videos

Technisoft Product Suite Overview

This video gives you a detailed overview of the Service Manager ‘core’ product and the Advanced Maintenance, Advanced Scheduling, Field Portal, Employee Portal, Customer Portal, and Service Center add-on modules. It shows how the Service Manager program suite allows you to access your operational data from just about anywhere – be it via your desktop or through the cloud. It also goes on to demonstrate how its tight integration with Sage 300 allows you to maximize service planning and execution, while at the same time providing a clear view of your total financial picture.


Integration to Sage 300

This video shows how Technisoft Service Manager is integrated into the Sage 300 desktop.

Service Manager Workflow

This video provides a brief overview of the products which make up the Technisoft Service Manager Program suite. We will cover the Service Manager Core product as well as the Advanced Maintenance, Advanced Scheduling, Field Portal, Employee Portal, and Customer Portal add-on modules.

It demonstrates the various aspects of a job ticket created within the web screens version of the Document Entry program and how this flows through to Advanced Scheduling for the web screens for scheduling to a technician for field access. It then shows how Field Portal can be used to review and update this work ticket on a smart device, and how the customer can ultimately interact with this job ticket from within the Technisoft Customer Portal add-on module.


Technisoft Field Portal Overview

Field Portal provides Service Manager information to technicians in the field using their internet connected smartphone or tablet.

This video demonstrates the key features of Field Portal and how a field technician could typically use Field Portal for their daily Jobs It also shows how technicians can be scheduled to jobs and how the dispatch mechanism allows both technicians and schedulers to communicate acknowledgment of those appointments. We also show how users can access job information including site info and maps, equipment details, faults and solutions, tasks and activities, custom fields, notations, and items and services.

Field Portal App Overview

This video shows how the Technisoft Field Portal App can be used to help service technicians keep accurate records for every site visit, whether they are online or not. It shows how technicians can be scheduled to jobs and how they can then see those jobs directly on their devices. It also shows how users can access site info and maps, manage equipment, faults, and solutions, and how they can log details on tasks and activities. Other things shown and explained in this video are barcode scanning, notation recording, photo uploading, time recording, and the recording of parts and labor on a job.


Field Portal App Demonstration Overview

This video provides a detailed overview of the Field Portal App and all of its features. It also covers issues relating to the setup and configuration of Company Options, Employees, and Services so that the App is optimized for offline use. It also covers the server configuration utility and issues relating to billing modes and data synchronization.

Advanced Scheduling Overview

This video gives you a detailed overview of the Advanced Scheduling add-on for Service Manager. We will show you how to maximize the utilization of your employee, sub-contractor, and internal equipment resources through the use of Technisoft Advanced Scheduling. It covers most aspects of the user interface, the various views of data available within the application, and how to schedule appointments for your resources.

Technisoft Cloud Portal Overview

This video gives a quick overview of the Technisoft Cloud Portal environment, and how Technisoft Customer Portal can be used to better manage interactions with your customers.

Sage Payment Processing with Paya

This video demonstrates how Technisoft Service Manager is integrated with the Sage Payment Processing solution, Paya.

Technisoft Discover End User Demonstration

This demonstration focuses on Technisoft Discover, which is a simple-to-use Dashboard and Query tool for all Sage 300 modules.

You will see how easy it is to sort, filter, and graph results to create exciting looking dashboards which will enable you to monitor real-time KPIs and identify business bottlenecks, and then drill down to see detail.