Medical equipment is a critical component of several industries, from hospitals to clinics. With more than 300,000 new medical devices released each year, along with millions of product variations, equipment maintenance and service is becoming a greater challenge for Medical Equipment Maintenance Organisations (MEMOs) around the world.

Much of this equipment requires regular servicing and maintenance to ensure it is working properly at all times. This is where you come in - you're the service provider who's responsible for ensuring the right level of support is provided at the right time. It's a crucial responsibility that blends technical expertise with clinical knowledge to achieve optimal results on each task. Your goals always are to maximize uptime, minimize downtime, and reduce costly return visits.

Servicing a device requires the technician to understand the device. They need to know how it works and what needs to be done to ensure it will continue operating optimally. Your technicians need access to this information at the right time so they can accurately diagnose any problems and make appropriate repairs.

So what can you do to help make this medical servicing process easier and more predictable? What systems can you employ to ensure your technicians have access to the information they need to reduce servicing times, as well as capture all parts and labor that was expended during that service? One solution is the combination of Sage 300 and Technisoft Service Manager.

Built to run within the Sage 300 environment, Technisoft Service Manager is designed to help you keep on top of all your operational and financial needs in your servicing of medical assets. Using notations and attachments you can ensure that all the information needed by technicians is available at all times, both in the workshop and in the field. Track employee skills to assist coordinators in scheduling the right people for the job on every occasion. Set tasks on jobs to make sure technicians comply with even the minutest of compliance activity requirements if necessary. Review any part of an asset's service history including past work performed by who and in detail.

Over the years, electronic and medical devices have become one of the main instruments that allow medical establishments to successfully deliver accurate and reliable care. As such, these tools must be managed quite attentively to maximize their uptime while providing clients with the utmost accuracy and reliability. Technisoft provides its customers with a solution that allows them to do exactly that. With the help of Technisoft Service Manager, you will attain simplicity and perfect management for your devices along with all the relevant information needed for planning, organizing, and scheduling your tasks. Your Sage Solution Provider would work with you and Technisoft to bring this type of interaction to life.